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The Future of Electronic Waste | Electronic Design

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing form of waste. Could recycling be a new revenue stream and an environmental boon? . and challenges within the recycling industry, as well as network and .

Electronics Recycling | Sustainability | Staples®

Free electronics recycling. Recycle your old, . Recycling supports the recycling industry and helps create jobs in the United States and diverts hazardous materials like lead, mercury and cadmium from the air, water and soil. Why should I recycle my electronics at Staples? Unlike many municipal programs, some other national retailers, and .

Recycling Industry Trends & Statistics: Market Analysis

Global Recycling Industry Analysis. The Bureau of International Recycling estimates that the recycling sector employs more than 1.5 million people in the processing of million tons of commodities, with industry revenue topping in excess of $200 billion every year.

RecyclingInside | Recycling Technology Innovations, News

Global recycling & solid waste industry news. Recycling Technology Innovations, News, Events. Updates for Recycling industry Professionals. Global recycling & solid waste industry news . Machinex has recently carried out a full design review of the MACH Hyspec® optical sorter. . RecyclingInside is the leading global business resource and .

Electronics Waste Recycling Business Opportunities

The electronics recycling business is becoming increasingly important as volumes of e-waste continue to grow, setting the stage for the growth of that industry. The huge growth of consumer electronics has led to an ever-expanding surge of end-of-life electronics that must be recycled. More than just trash, this material can be an environmental and health hazard.

Apple expands global recycling programs, announces new

 · “Advanced recycling must become an important part of the electronics supply chain, and Apple is pioneering a new path to help push our industry forward,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice .

Waste & Recycling Trends to Watch in 2018 | Rubicon Global

 · According to Rachelson, the future of recycling and waste involves a cultural shift, technological and criminal justice reform, and a healthy dose of innovation. Here’s what he had to say. What are the biggest waste and recycling trends to watch for in 2018?

Electronics Recycling Magazines and Publications

E-waste recycling is one of the top sub-sectors of the powerful r ecycling industry.As electronic waste such as scrap computers and computer parts, used and out-of-order televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, and cell phones can have dangerous effects on the environment, society has come to recognize the importance of recycling and disposing of such devices sustainably.

Design for Recycling (DfR)

Design for Recycling (DfR) . The term “demanufacture” is appearing more and more, especially in the electronics industry (DEC, Motorola, IBM), to characterize the process opposite to manufacturing involved in . processing, by which products are recovered from the waste stream for new use in their original intended manner.

News and information about the electronics recycling

 · This calculator estimates the weight of equipment diverted from the landfill. It also shows the toxic chemicals you have diverted from the landfills by recycling your electronics. Download our new app today and make scheduling your pickup of E-waste easier than ever!

Recycling Guidelines | Waste Industries

Single Stream recycling, the most common option for many waste haulers, along with the preferred choice at Waste Industries, allows customers to put all their recycling in a single container that is then transferred to a recycling center and separated by a team of specialists.

A Sioux Falls Recycler Flourishes Amid Struggling Industry

 · A Sioux Falls recycler flourishes amid a struggling recycling industry. . being the first in the state to recycle consumer electronics, . China started limiting waste imports. China's new .

UK recycling industry has potential to create 10,000 new

 · Art & design TV & radio . UK recycling industry has potential to create 10,000 new jobs, report finds . a UK industry with net exports of more than £20bn and 10,000 new jobs in the recycling .

Electronics recycling news and analysisE-Scrap News

Read the latest electronics recycling news. E-Scrap News keeps you on top of critical industry trends and the latest action from processors, OEMs, certification programs, state initiatives, industry associations and more. . The latest e-scrap industry news. . Here’s a new option to bring recycled plastics into electronics.

Beauty industry to be offered free recycling waste

Recycling provider,, is introducing a free glass waste collection service for the beauty industry in the UK, removing both the administrative and financial burdens, which are a barrier for businesses who are reluctant or unable to recycle.

A South Dakota Recycling Business Thrives Amid Struggling

 · Millennium is using 2019 to instead celebrate its success and growth over the years, including being an innovator in South Dakota’s recycling industry, being the first in the state to recycle consumer electronics, going on a trade mission to China with former Gov. Dennis Daugaard and launching the nonprofit Ecomaniacs, which provides recycling services to summer events.

Lexington just dropped paper recycling. Is Louisville next?

4 hours ago · Lexington just dropped paper recycling. Is Louisville ready to follow suit? The city of Lexington said Tuesday it can no longer accept paper products for recycling, because of turmoil in the .

MagazineRecycling Product News

Recycling Product News Covering the latest industry news, product information and new equipment technologies April 2019 Issue: Building on a unique model: Niagara Recycling's success built on diverse capabilities combined with a unique social enterprise model. Equipment Focus: C&D and Scrap Attachments. The on-site alternative for food waste.

Cambridge electronic waste recycling centre releases

Greentec, an Ontario-based e-waste recycling solutions company, now has exclusive technology to safely handle LCD displays during the process of converting discarded electronics into new materials, making it the most advanced e-waste company of its kind in the country, according to Greentec. The company uses innovative Lamp, LCD and Laptop .

Recycling metal, aluminum market, paper and plastics

Latest news on scrap metal recycling, aluminum, paper and plastics market outlook, electronics recycling, industry associations, events and regulations, and other news for recycling professionals, MRFs and scrap processors.

AMP Robotics Launches New AI Guided Dual-Robot System

 · The unique design of the two robots opens up new material applications, namely the ability to efficiently process difficult material streams of post-consumer fiber. From sheets of paper to cardboard, sorting fiber is a major challenge for recycling lines, often becoming a contaminant for other recycled commodities.

Television and Computer Recycling in New South Wales

Television and Computer Recycling in NSW 5. How is the scheme performing? Throughout Australia, the NTCRS has driven an increase in recycling infrastructure, e-waste recycling activities and community awareness. The . scheme has kick-started community collection events, permanent drop-off sites and retailer support.

Waste Containers equipment with Lamp recycling for the

Results for waste containers equipment with lamp recycling for the hazardous waste recycling industry applications from MRT and other leading brands for waste and recycling. Compare and contact a supplier in USA


industry communication’, Waste Management, Volume 32, Issue 8, pp. 1560-1565, viewed on 6 July 2012. 2 | LOOKING THROUGH GLASS – CRT GLASS RECYCLING IN INDIA As recently as a few years ago, broken monitors and televisions were being recycled with